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Windows Virtual Desktop Host Pool Autoscaling

Patrick Köhler (@wvdlogix) has released his WVDLogix Autoscaling Tool in preview. His solution combines the best of Microsoft´s scripts, with user interfaces and one single script to rule them all. To help you getting started with my script he’s created a video for you which explains the steps in detail. via Windows Virtual Desktop Host […]

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Tool: WVD Session Shadowing indicator

In a #WindowsVirtualDesktop (#WVD) environment you can configure that a user needs to confirm if a session should be shadowed but the user cannot see if the shadowing is finished. That’s why Matthias Schlimm (@MatthiasSchlimm) wrote a tool that gives the user a indicator that his/her session is being actively shadowed.  via Freeware Tools für […]

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WVDAdmin and the WVD Spring Update

Marcel Meuer ( @marcelmeuer) – the creator of the popular #WVD tool WVDAdmin has written about some of the architectural differences between the Spring Update and the model used before as well as what you can do with WVDAdmin compared to the portal integration: Administrate all resources with a Windows GUI Create “golden images” from […]

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