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Windows Virtual Desktop Host Pool Automation Scaling in ARM

Currently, the Spring Update of #WVD ( that is in Public Preview) does not yet support the autoscaling capabilities that Microsoft offers for the current Fall Release. In case you want to know what you can do right now with the #WindowsVirtualDesktop Spring Update, I recommend you read these 2 articles from Patrick K√∂hler (@wvdlogix): […]

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Using the Windows Virtual Desktop REST API

One of the most powerful things about #WVD is that it is a real platform and written for automation from the ground up. With the #SpringUpdate the #WindowsVirtualDesktop you can now take advantage of the DesktopVirtualization providers to query or configure your WVD environment and Manfred de Laat (@CloudAssist_nl) has written a nice blog on […]

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How to deploy a #WindowsVirtualDesktop host pool using Infrastructure as code from Azure DevOps

If you have come from an infrastructure background and always built servers, virtual machines etc. manually, then the thought of doing all that hard work via code does not always come naturally. Building out a gold image was a time intensive process with lots of manual steps plus deploying that at scale needed tools like […]

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