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How to create and configure MSIX app attach package

MSIX app attach is different and disruptive from how we do application delivery today on traditional VDI/RDS infrastructures. With the new released Windows 10 Enterprise single and-multi-session build 2004 version, we added the MSIX APIs into the OS that make it possible to use MSIX app attach (app attach remains in preview until further notice). It’s now […]

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Liquit Setup Commander and Repackaging Microsoft Teams to MSIX

This video from #WVD Partner Liquit (@LiquitWorkspace) demonstrates how to select and download Microsoft #Teams from the Liquit Setup Store and repackage this to MSIX using Liquit Setup Commander’s Repackaging Wizard and the MSIX Packaging Tool. MSIX packages can be deployed using Liquit Workspace or converted to MSIX app attach VHD’s to be used with […]

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Launching Notepad++ using MSIX app attach and Microsoft WVD

Liquit (@Liquitworkspace) is a #WVD partner and has made some great progress with #MSIX #AppAttach. In this video they show the they Notepad++ VHD is automatically being mounted. After this mount, the MSIX package for Notepad++ is staged, the application registered and then launched. The end result for the end-user is shown, where Notepad++ is […]

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