Author: Michel Roth

Microsoft-hosted WVD event about roadmap + preview demos

Thursday, March 19, 2020 9:00 AM Pacific Time there will be a virtual event, hosted by Microsoft where WVD leadership will discuss what’s next for #WVD on the roadmap and where extensive demo’s will be done by the #WindowsVirtual Desktop product team so don’t miss it! Main session: Intro to #WindowsVirtualDesktop & what’s coming next Duration […]

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Fix Incompatible Apps in Windows 10 and WVD

Got an app that worked in Windows 7 and doesn’t work in Windows 10? We can fix it at no cost – also for #WVD. Demo of AppAssure: Relevant portion of App Assure docs: Windows Virtual Desktop Virtualized apps that run on Windows Server Remote Desktop Session Host (RDSH) also run on Windows 10 […]

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Storage options for FSLogix profile containers in #WindowsVirtualDesktop

Storage solutions that you can use to store your FSLogix profile container. This article compares storage solutions that Azure offers for Windows Virtual Desktop FSLogix user profile containers. Windows Virtual Desktop offers FSLogix profile containers as the recommended user profile solution. FSLogix is designed to roam profiles in remote computing environments, such as Windows Virtual […]

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