WVDLogix AutoScaling Tool

Patrick Köhler (@wvdlogix) has released version 0.2 of his autoscaling tool, which provides a UI that makes it (even) easier to perform autoscaling in #WindowsVirtualDesktop (#WVD). His tool is free to use.

New UI of the WVDLogix AutoScaling Tool
  • Graphical User Interface (Modern Windows UI)
  • Secure connection to Azure (including MFA capabilities for your secure enrolment)
  • Provides all the steps mentioned in the official Microsoft documentation in just one single tool
  • Less than 2 minutes of user/admin interaction
  • Automated creation of the Automation Account
  • Automated creation of the required Run-As Account
  • Automated creation of the Logic App with all parameters
  • WebHook URI will be detected automatically
  • Your configuration will be saved in a file, if you need to quickly perform an update to your scaling, you don´t need to update the LogicApp from the Azure Portal / CLI
  • Always up-to-date, when Microsoft updates the script
  • Portable script / tool


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