5 new WVD videos on WVDCommunity

The good folks at the WVDCommunity (@WVDcommunity) have added 5 new #WindowsVirtualDesktop (#WVD) videos to their events page here: https://wvdcommunity.events/

– Bas van Kaam: Nerdio Manager for WVD (Igel Disrupt 2020)
– Tim Hermie: WVD Set up your environment in the blink of an eye
– Neil McLoughlin: Windows Virtual Desktop from a Citrix guy´s perspective (M365 Marathon and E2EVC)
– Patrick Köhler: How Microsoft Teams completes our VDI environments (M365 Marathon)
– Wendy Gay: Citrix & WVD (E2EVC)

Please visit this page here: https://wvdcommunity.events/

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