Nerdio Manager for WVD 2.0.1 released

Nerdio Manager for WVD 2.0.1 has been released and has some nice cool new features:

  1. Auto-scale savings history – view and analyze storage and compute savings produced by auto-scale engine relative to peak capacity.  Savings can be viewed on a per host pool basis for any selected time range.  Visible on the auto-scale history screen.
  2. Azure Files deployment – automated creation of new Azure Files share (both premium and standard) with AD integration to storage FSLogix profile containers.
  3. Scale in aggressiveness – control whether hosts with active or disconnected user sessions can be scaled in after business hours. Demo
  4. Scale in to 0 active hosts – ability to have no running hosts after business hours and have pre-stage capacity bring hosts up the following morning.  Demo
  5. Custom Azure tags – pre-configure customer Azure tags for all Azure resources associated with each host pool.  Tags can be used for charge-back and cost allocation. Demo
  6. VM name re-use control – Added ability to turn off VM name re-use during automatic scale in and out operations. Demo
  7. UI Enhancements 
    1. Split up Dynamic and Static host pools onto separate pages
    2. Added pagination and quick search to all screens with long lists of items
    3. Un-assign Workspaces to hide them from view for certain users Demo
    4. Default Desktop Image VM size is selected to be D2s_v3 instead of DS1_v2
    5. Graphical display of past 30 days of usage on WORKSPACES and WVD TENANTS screen after clicking on the values Demo

via Release Notes – Nerdio Manager for WVD

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