Wintellisys WVD Manager

A company (that I had not heard of before) called Wintellisys (@Wintellisys) has released a product called WVD Manager. They also offer a managed migration process.

WVD Manager Features:

Wintellisys WVD Team can help migrate your On-Premises environment to Azure Windows Virtual Desktop and enable employees to successfully work from home.

  • Manage Every Aspect Of Your WVD: Manage every aspect of your WVD environment by using a single console.
  • Real-Time Dashboard: Single Cloud Console/Software to view real-time dashboard such as Active Sessions, FSLogix Health, Session Hosts Health and so on.
  • Robust Auto-Scaling Mechanism: Robust Auto-Scaling Mechanism helps in reducing the Infrastructure cost by turning off VMs when not needed.
  • Built-In Cost Analyzer: Use our Built-In Cost Analyzer to produce charts which could help you reduce the overall infrastructure cost. 
  • Diagnostics Alerts for FSLogix: WVD Manager supports sending alerts for FSLogix.
  • WVD Security & Compliance Manager: The built-in Security & Compliance Manager provides PCI Security & Compliance status for all the WVD resources.
  • Perform WVD-Related Management Tasks: Perform daily operational WVD related tasks such as logging off users, disconnecting stale sessions, managing RDS owners and so on.
  • Patch Session Hosts: WVD Manager can be used to patch all or selected session hosts. You can also schedule patching of Session Hosts using WVD Manager.

via Windows Virtual Desktop Manager — Wintellisys, Inc.

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