New version of WVD Azure Marketplace offer

Version 20200605.1800.0 of the WVD Azure Marketplace offer has been published with support for new VMs sizes, improved RD Agent installation, updated Powershell module an improved “joindomain” VM extension.

The “joindomain” VM extension step will now retry every 30 seconds if it fails to join the VM to the domain, it will stop after 4 attempts.

Also, if the VM has the WVD RD Agent installed on it before the marketplace is run then the marketplace uninstalls the WVD RD agent and the agent is then re-installed, this process has been updated to uninstall all MSI packages with the name “Remote Desktop Services Infrastructure Agent” instead of using a hardcoded ProductCode GUID.

If the installation of one of the WVD agents fails with an exit code of 1618 (ERROR_INSTALL_ALREADY_RUNNING) the installation is now retried, this error can occur when another MSI  installation is running when the marketplace tries to install one of the agent MSI files. The RD Agent is now installed before the RD Bootloader.

Updated the WVD Microsoft.RDInfra.RDPowershell powershell module to version 1.0.1932.5500 which contains improvements and/or fixes for throttling and diagnostics partitioning paging as well as other things.

Updated the Microsoft.RDInfra.RDAgent.Installer from version 1.0.1288.2700 to 1.0.1932.4800

There have also been optimizations made and error handling has been improved.

via Windows Virtual Desktop – Provision a host pool – Microsoft Azure

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