Nerdio Manager for WVD Version 2.0 Released – what’s new?

Last week #WVD Partner Nerdio (@getnerdio) released version 2.0 of their Nerdio Manager for WVD product. There are several major enhancements and new functionality in this release.  This article delves into some of them here but you can also watch our their YouTube Channel for demos of new features as they are released. My favorite is their integration of #Sepago monitoring! Nerdio has partnered with sepago and integrated their Azure Log Analytics based monitoring tool for WVD right into the Nerdio Manager.  It is now possible to automate the deployment of Log Analytics workspace, custom WVD workbooks (i.e. visualizations and reports), and the installation of the sepago Azure monitor agent on each newly created session host VM.

via Nerdio Manager for WVD Version 2.0 – ARM (Spring Update) Object Model, Sepago Integration, & More – Nerdio Academy

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