New Azure Shared Image Gallery features are now available

Features in Azure Shared Image Gallery are now generally available.

Support for Premium SSD storage account type

Users can now choose to store their SIG image versions in Premium SSD storage accounts for better VM deployment and post-boot performance. This feature is now generally available.

Get started here: DocumentationCLIPowerShellPortalAPIARM Template and SDK

Specialized Images in Shared Image Gallery

Support for specialized images in SIG is now generally available. Users can now create SIG image versions without the need for generalization using sysprep (Windows) or deprovision (Linux) from any of the possible sources (VMs, Snapshots, Managed Images). To create a VM from specialized image versions using CLI, PowerShell and Portal, refer to the links below. For API and ARM templates, leave out the OSProfile.

Get started here: DocumentationCLIPowerShellPortalAPIARM Template and SDK

Create VM from specialized image versions: CLIPowerShellPortal

Migrate VM Scale Sets from Managed Image to Shared Image Gallery Images

We’re now making it easier to migrate your VM Scale Set (VMSS) based workloads from Managed Images to SIG images. With this feature, users can now update the image reference on their VMSS models from managed images to point to SIG images without the need for recreating the VMSS.

Get started here: CLIPowerShellAPIARM Template and SDK

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