How to create and configure MSIX app attach package

MSIX app attach is different and disruptive from how we do application delivery today on traditional VDI/RDS infrastructures. With the new released Windows 10 Enterprise single and-multi-session build 2004 version, we added the MSIX APIs into the OS that make it possible to use MSIX app attach (app attach remains in preview until further notice). It’s now easier than ever before to test this new revolutionary app delivery service.

In this article Christiaan Brinkhoff (@brinkhoff_c) shows you what the benefits of MSIX app attach in #WVD are and how you can virtualize applications with MSIX app attach to use them in your #WindowsVirtualDesktop environment

via The future of application virtualization. Learn here how to create and configure MSIX app attach package(s) containers on Windows 10 Enterprise multi and single-session for Windows Virtual Desktop | – Sharing Cloud and Virtualization Knowledge

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