What’s new in the 1.2.1026 WVD Windows Desktop client

Last week we released the 1.2.1026 version of the #WVD Clients. There are a lot of changes in there (list below) but the best one is the new detailed connection monitoring.
You can get to it from the blue bar (click on the “signal strength bars”) or from the properties of a windowed connection. It auto-updates every second.

Other new stuff:

  • When subscribing, you can now choose your account instead of typing your email address.
  • Added a new Subscribe with URL option that allows you to specify the URL of the Workspace you are subscribing to or leverage email discovery when available in cases where we can’t automatically find your resources. This is similar to the subscription process in the other Remote Desktop clients. This can be used to subscribe directly to WVD Spring 2020 Update Workspaces.
  • Added support to subscribe to a Workspace using a new URI scheme that can be sent in an email to users or added to a support website.
  • Desktop sessions launched in windowed mode now always maximize instead of going full screen when maximizing the window. Use the Full screen option from the system menu to enter full screen.
  • The Unsubscribe prompt now displays a warning icon and shows the workspace names as a bulleted list.
  • Added the details section to additional error dialogs to help diagnose issues.
  • Added a timestamp to the details section of error dialogs.
  • Fixed an issue where the RDP file setting desktop size id didn’t work properly.
  • Fixed an issue where the Update the resolution on resize display setting didn’t apply after launching the session.
  • Fixed localization issues in the desktop settings panel.
  • Fixed the size of the focus box when tabbing through controls on the desktop settings panel.
  • Fixed an issue causing the resource names to be difficult to read in high contrast mode.
  • Fixed an issue causing the update notification in the action center to be shown more than once a day.

via What’s new in the Windows Desktop client | Microsoft Docs

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