Benchmarking Nvidia #WVD workloads

This #WindowsVirtualDesktop #GPU article shares benchmark results of now Azure N-series can lower the overal CPU utilisation and increase the user experiences when using these VMs in #WVD.

Windows Virtual Desktop use cases can be categorized as the following:

  • Light: Ideal for lightweight use cases such as data entry and call center apps. ​
  • Medium: Ideal for basic Microsoft Office apps such as Word and Excel, as well as database apps. ​
  • Heavy: Ideal for more intensive workloads such as development or engineering. ​
  • Heavy Graphics: Ideal for graphics-intensive apps such as 3D CAD/CAE, and photo/video editing tools.

From the above use case categories, it’s common knowledge that GPUs are a must-have for Heavy Graphics workloads. Can GPU-enabled VMs benefit customers running Medium or Heavy workloads too? To find out, NVIDIA and Microsoft ran performance tests on the vGPU and CPU-only Windows Virtual Desktop instances for the Medium and Heavy user profiles, using the NVIDIA nVector benchmarking tool.

via Enabling Scalable User Experiences with Modern Workloads on Windows Virtual Desktop | NVIDIA Developer Blog

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