Examples of the how and why of massive #WVD + Microsoft Endpoint Manager deployments

The point-and-click deployment tools in the Spring Update of the Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), the technical preview for Config Manager 2004 that makes it easier to manage on-premise devices from the cloud in the new Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin centre in Azure, and the way Endpoint Manager and Azure AD now use the same control plane to manage both devices and access: these remote-friendly features, have been in development for a while – but they’re certainly timely.


Microsoft set up 32,000 desktops in WVD for its own developers in two days and many WVD customers are doing even larger deployments. One WVD partner alone (Nerdio, which has its own WVD management service) has deployed virtual desktops for over 300,000 enterprises since March, ranging from 150,000 to a million desktops.

“Customers who did have that expertise were able to spin up 10,000 VMs really quickly and get a lot of benefit from that,”

via Windows virtual desktops: How you can manage, monitor and virtualise devices remotely – TechRepublic

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