Improving Azure performance with Machine Creation Services

Among #Citrix customers using #WVD Machine Creation Services (MCS) is one of their most popular features. Those will be excited to know the performance improvements for VDAs managed with Machine Creation Services (MCS) on Azure. With these enhancements, some quick configuration changes to your account can speed up VM operations dramatically!

So, what is the impact of this change?

We benchmarked power operations for two scenarios:

  • 1,000 pooled VDAs in a single subscription
  • 1,000 dedicated VDAs in another subscription

The operation times were dramatically improved and were consistent across different Azure regions (these tests were against US-based Azure regions).

Type of catalog Power action Old Power Action Time (minutes) New Power Action Time (minutes)
Dedicated On 45 10
Dedicated Off 85 12
Pooled On 50 12
Pooled Off 110 15

Those of you who have deployed Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops on Azure at scale know that it can take about an hour to power manage 1,000 VDAs (VMs). Given that Azure compute charges for all running machines and admins are looking for ways to make their environment more nimble, customers have requested faster power operations.

As Azure continually evolves to provide even better capabilities and performance, Citrix is enhancing its integration with Azure. Azure limits have recently been expanded to support a higher number of API calls (details can be found at Microsoft’s request limits and throttling documentation), and we’ve modified MCS to use all the available API request quota.

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