WVDAdmin and the WVD Spring Update

Marcel Meuer ( @marcelmeuer) – the creator of the popular #WVD tool WVDAdmin has written about some of the architectural differences between the Spring Update and the model used before as well as what you can do with WVDAdmin compared to the portal integration:

  • Administrate all resources with a Windows GUI
  • Create “golden images” from template/master VMs
  • Rollout several session hosts into differents host pools (in both WVD releases)
  • Re-use you created WVDAdmin images without any change
  • Higher flexibility rolling out new session hosts in different ways (you can use different VMSizes and images in one host pool)
  • Easy to use user administration to send messages, logoff, disconnect or shadowing users over the full environment (filterable)

via Windows Virtual Desktop – Spring Release / Spring Update with WVDAdmin | ITProCloud Blog

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