Why MS Partners should consider a DaaS offering with WVD

Forrester reports that partners offering Azure managed services can see 45-54% margins. Providing value-added IP increases that even more.

Many of your customers already have WVD included in their existing licenses. They will pay only for compute, storage and network consumption. That leaves room for you to provide additional apps and high-margin managed services. You’ll still be able to deliver everything at a price that’s less than they’d expect.

And the time is right for your offering. DaaS is growing worldwide, with $2.99B in revenue forecasted for 20212 putting you in the perfect position to take advantage of this momentum.

Given this forecasted growth, we think #WindowsVirtualDesktop is right not only for customers, it’s right for you! Learn more:

via 2 reasons why you should create a Desktop as a Service offering with Windows Virtual Desktop – US Partner Community Blog – Microsoft

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